Study tour Smart City New Songdo and Seoul

From April 12 to April 18, 2015 Beyond Now organizes a Canadian/Dutch study tour to South Korea. On the programme: smart city New Songdo en the nearby world city Seoul.

Main theme of the study tour is smart city. In a fast changing world it is crucial to make use of the new available technologies. Connecting housing, working, environment, care, business, mobility, energy-infrastructure and liveability is a huge chance. A chance we should not ignore, considering the economical and social challenges we are going to face in the near future. Because we can learn from experiences abroad, it is interesting to visit a completed smart city: New Songdo. Will you join us?

New Songdo is the first real digital city in the world. Its ambition: high quality, eco-friendly living. In the past ten years the city has been grown from zero to sixty-five thousand inhabitants. The innovative technology company Cisco has been key player from the start. All residents have a smartcard. Everything is connected to everything. The hardware in this most ubiquitous city in the world offers unlimited opportunities for the service level. Imagine efficient self-regulating traffic streams, smart shopping or virtual care prevention. All this makes this smart city also a platform for interesting new alliances between companies, consumers and networks.

As a smart city, New Songdo is also a very sustainable city. Especially when it coms to green and energy use. Technology enables highly efficient energy use. On the other hand, the New Songdo system is adaptable to future technologies. New types of solar panels for example can easily be plugged into the existing smart grid.

What can we learn from this for our own cities and neighborhoods? What do we wánt to learn from this? For which target groups could this be interesting?

During our stay in New Songdo we visit a wide range of projects, from housing to commercial real estate, care, energy projects, public space and mobility. Among others, we will talk with the city of Icheon, city developer Gale International, Cisco Systems, the city architect and some local residents. In all our visits, sustainability as well as the human factor are key aspects.


The last days of the tour we will spend in world city Seoul. In Seoul we will focus on the fast urban developments going on since the World Cup Fooball in 2002. Among others, we will visit the most recent redevelopment areas in the city, the highly ambitious Smart Grid institute of South Korea and the developers of Robotland, and have discussions about high quality living. In between, we will also have a look at the Korean World Heritage Site Changdeokgung Palace and the booming neighborhood of Gangnam (made famous by singer PSY).

Our day to day program (in headlines):

Arrival in South Korea on the afternoon of Sunday 12 april 2015. This afternoon we acclimatise during a guided walk through the New Songdo Central Park, with a visit to the Tri-Bowl.

On monday we meet the City of Incheon, where New Songdo is a pat of, we see the container observatory with AnL Studio and visit together with developer Gale the Songdo International Business District.

Tuesday morning is the time for Cisco Systems and their technological approach. In the afternoon we visit a care facility, new homes along the Canal Walk and the Northeast Asia Trade Tower by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.

On wednesday we meet Korean residents at their homes and visit the International Tower and a few special houses on the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club. After that we travel to Seoul.

On thursday we’ll speak with the Korea Smart Grids Institute and pay a visit to the Samsung Model Home Gallery and the GT Tower, designed by the Dutch ArchitectenConsort.

Friday is the day for the Robotland themepark (where we will talk about the future role of robots in daily life), and the world heritage Changdeokgung Palace. Afterwards we’ll fly back home.

The costs of the trip are CAD 4.700 (excl VAT) based on a private hotel room and CAD 4.100 (excl VAT) based on a shared hotel room. Included in the price are local transport, overnights in midclass hotels, all meals, programme related costs, travel guidance and information material. The ticket for the flight from/to South Korea is not included. Assurances have to be arranged by the participants themselves. Changes in the programme out of our responsiblity may occur. An extension of your stay will be possible. Please inquire us for the possibilities.

ICLEI World Congress
For participants of the ICLEI World Congress from 8 to 12 April 2015 in Seoul, we offer the possibility to take part at the New Songdo Programme only (13 to 15 April). The price for the New Songdo programme will be CAD 2.400 (excl VAT) based on a private hotel room and CAD 2.100 (excl VAT) based on a shared hotel room (flight tickets not included).

For further information or registration, vou can contact us at:
+31 6 50 68 51 75 / (Alex Sievers)
+31 6 53 79 36 98 / (Annelies van der Nagel)


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